You know how (technical) bloggers sometimes say that their blog is their personal memory dump? Sometimes you go searching for the solution to an issue and find the answer on your own blog! I bet this blog post is going to be one of those posts 🙂

Previously I wrote about issues when installing Java on Yosemite during a Jenkins install. I was installing Jenkins because I’m setting up a CI environment for our Xamarin.iOS app. The purpose of this CI environment is to build our Xamarin.iOS app, run the Xamarin.UITests on our Xamarin Test Cloud instance and upload the build to TestFlight for our internal QA and developers to play with.

I bought a nice Mac Mini for this purpose with OS X Yosemite installed. I started out with the Using Jenkins with Xamarin guide on the Xamarin website. This guide mentions a number of prerequisites, but I will try to be as complete as possible in describing the steps to get a Jenkins CI running with Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin Test Cloud and TestFlight.

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Today I was setting up a new CI server for our Xamarin builds on a brand new Mac Mini running OS X Yosemite. It was a clean machine so I started from scratch using the instructions from the Xamarin guide: Using Jenkins with Xamarin – Configuring Jenkins to Power a Xamarin Continuous Integration on OS X.

Now, after you see this dialog it should open Safari and launch the Jenkins administration web interface.


However, you will be greeted by this dialog instead


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to blog or not to blog

Years ago, 9 to be precise, at the very early stages of our, at that time, start-up CWR Mobility, I was very active in the Dynamics CRM community, answering questions on news groups (anyone remember Usenet?), writing technical blog posts about CRM, etc. Actually that was one of the ways we got known in the community and built our brand.

I haven’t been doing that for a long time and frankly I miss it. So I was thinking about getting a new blog up and running and start again. And just at that time I received an email invitation from John Sonmez from to sign up for his email course on starting to blog. Perfect timing!

I’ve been following John Sonmez for quite a while now and he has some good quality content on his blog, YouTube channel and pod casts. Together with Scott Hanselman, he must be one of the most productive people in the business.

Back to the email course about blogging. It’s pretty straight forward. You get an email every few days with a very focused lesson, e.g. Choosing a Theme. Every lesson ends with a homework assignment. It’s short, it’s focused, I like it. If you just follow along with each lesson (shouldn’t take you more than an hour or so) and do your homework, you’ll end up with your blog and your first entry. The first step to building your own personal brand!

Are you already interested? Just sign up at, you won’t regret it 🙂